Everyone desires to be something
Each desires embedded with wanting
These wants may be good or bad
Surely these makes up a lad
Many are tempted to go the extra mile
Some are willing to wait a while
Some wonder to themselves
What a sick faith!
That one must wait
Some ponder to themselves
When will these all go away?
I need to find a way!

I once remember a child
So meek, gentle and mild
Who grew up with preposterous ideas and desires
He wished that all properties, wealth and fame he could acquire
But he never knew there was more to life than these
Acquire them all he did, but numbered surely were his days
Because even all the money and fame could not restore his health

Many famous people who believe they have found a friend
Will soon realize they are all fiends
They will soon realize power and money is toxic
And those faces in plastic
Wanting a new look to their new achieved height
Would soon be feeling hate
Towards their cravings
They’ll wish they had listened to wise sayings

People who have earned their money judiciously
And have worked viciously
And also bear good at the back of their mind
Love, peace and joy they shall find
Because God shall bestow on them His mercies
And they shall be with him besties
Length of days are their portions
And in their projects there shall be no abortions
And they shall be pleased with the works of their hands
And control great bands

Money, fame and power are but primary to life
They are just like a wife
Marry the right one and you shall have peace
Marry the wrong one and you’ll experience pieces
Patience is a virtue that cannot be overemphasized
Shoes come in varying sizes
And choosing the right size gives you comfort
And then you are able to hold the fort

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