Where’s he?

Dedicated to Fallen Heroes

He had kissed my cheeks when he left 
with a promise to return
He said we would welcome 
our baby together into the world
He said he needed to protect the people
He had chosen death over me
Everyday he’s out exchanging lightening bolts
I’m down on my kneels in supplication for him
And every time he calls my name from the door
My heart leaps for joy
But I dreaded the day I would hear the gongs of death
Playing its tune to my chagrin
He had watched his comrades fall
And awaited for the day it’s his call
I was never prepared
How could I? 
He is still so young!
But his whole life was behind him 
and yet he didn’t feel it
He had answered the nominal roll call of death
He’s been marked present
Now the messengers of death have come knocking
Yet you could have chosen to go AWOL
However have they caught me off guard 
despite my prayers and pleas?
See them in ceremonial dresses
Bearing his corpse back home
He’s no longer useful to them
He had under stayed his sign-up
Don’t comfort me!
Let me mourn for him
It’s the least I could ever do for him
My fallen hero
Has left me in horror
And despicable pain
The bed is cold
My heart is stripped naked
My hope’s untimely death
Shall leave me besought
What shall I tell our child
Who you were expectant of 
But never got to hold before those last lights eyes
were snatched from your lovely eyes
You’ve served the nation dutifully
You’ve paid your dues as a patriot
But remember you never fulfilled your duties towards us
Stand up and defend me like you had promised
Teach me how to deal with this emptiness 
Tell me how to fill this void
It seems like a dream
One minute you were here
The next you were gone
Gone too soon
My hero do not rest in peace
Because you left me in pieces
You defeated many on the battlefield
You can cheat and defeat death
I sit at the Great Gate between the living and the dead
Look! my hands are stretched forth
All you need do is reach out and grab them
I’ll bring you back where you truly belong my love