Who voted this Lion King?

Who had promised to protect us

Now he protects his cubs only

Leaving us to desperation

And feeding on us; telling us he’s only taking what nature would soon take

He has turned back to devour the very clan he promised to protect

He has left us to the potbellied hyenas

Who sit await like a prostitute

Why? Tell me just why?

After all the beautiful manifestos

We thought you had something good to offer

Obviously we were wrong

Who stood in the scorching sun to vote for you?

Who withstood the cold just to see our votes count?

Who? Just who?

Even a child could do better

Because a child know his left from right

It knows that there is a thick line between good and bad

Whatever happened to all those promises?

Or is power that intoxicating?

You kill us telling us it’s for the greater good

You’re all an opportunist

Who seek to grab all while you can

I’m tired of all these

All these political immatures

Get away all of you political miscreants

We’ve heard enough of your whining and pining

Even we would do better alone than with you