Okay, but why though?

We often do things and make decisions on a whim, which isn’t always bad. But how many times have you critically examined and questioned your motives?

Maybe it’s just me.. but I keep on re-realising the importance of questioning myself and what motivates some of the things I do.

Earlier on this week, I found a solution to a problem I had had for a while. Upon finding the solution, I quickly started applying it in order to fix this problem that had slightly bothered me. It took me two days of continuously working on this thing and a very hot shower (of course I had other showers in between, it was just this shower that was particularly hot), to ask “Okay, you’re doing this, but why? Is this thing even a problem in the first place?”.

It’s funny that I finally reached the conclusion that this problem that I eagerly wanted to solve, wasn’t even a problem in the first place. I had failed to fully embrace this thing as a beautiful part of me and instead, convinced myself that somehow my confidence would be boosted by fixing this problem and I would love myself more.

Upon self-reflection, I found that there was an element of me seeking an unhealthy sort of validation in the motivation to fix this problem; which is contradictory to the principles which are in line with the type of person and woman I am nurturing myself to become.

So I guess I was writing to myself, but if you managed to get anything from this, I’ll end by saying: Don’t be afraid to question yourself and dig deeper to realise the sometimes painful truths about what motivates us to do certain things.

Thank you for reading❤️