This has become a common thing to hear company leaders announcing a strategic move in their organization. An evolution dedicated to react and adjust to invading digitization. A way to catch up with time of change with a desire to fight back.

While a few companies hired a CDO to lead their digital mutation, others decided to create a shadow cabinet that should not surprise any British politicians. However, can a company internal opposition be authorized to criticize and thoroughly question their board members? More interestingly most companies have chosen to select a young generation pack to bridge the gap between customers and the established organization admittedly comprised of senior leaders.

7 women and 6 men of generation Y will constitute a shadow comex and breathe new life into our management
“Sebastien Bazin — Chairman CEO of Accorhotels”

Nevertheless, one could think that learning how to better engage the youngest generation of clients does not necessarily lead to self-transformation of business models, process and associated value proposals. Companies need to think of their customer expectations first, then reorganise themselves for higher agility and more personalised relations. It would be sad to intermix causes and consequences. Loyalty is how a happy customer will reward a company using all digital assets at their best.

Loyalty is how a happy customer will reward a company using all digital assets at their best.

But why companies that have gone through major waves since first Kondratieff cycle are feeling so overwhelmed this time?

A digital world comes with plenty of promises: producing smart devices to be used in clever systems so that intelligent decisions can be generated in real time if not proactively. The journey is certainly full of surprises, however combined budget and technology will always be less powerful than pedagogy that is required to be used by experts of ad hoc mutation approach.

Besides, according to Arthur D. Little digitization will change the competitive environment of all industries significantly. Few companies yet follow a consistent digitization approach for their whole business model underestimating opportunities in Operations and in Business Model Redesign.

A continuous changing world promotes the wise idea of “customer experience” being stronger than products and services sold. In short the joys of a great journey are always more memorable than a final destination reached by your customer. And we better understand Eric Ries’ highlights in his book The Lean Startup saying that customer discovery and validation together are one iterative cycle that is a “must have” preceding the customer creation and the building of the company foundations.

Some may think that a shadow cabinet is relevant toolset to surf on the new wave and manage sustainable innovation and even maybe disruptive ones.
A younger generation will certainly help in interpreting digital signals and lead the company to adapted communication tools. Polishing the surface always do good even if we must admit that deep model and process rethinking may result in more coherent digital strategy.

Franck de Dieuleveult

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