Today my CodeTriage email sent me on a journey into ActiveRecord’s Persistence module. I learned that this module is responsible contains the code for methods I frequently use when creating Models in my Rails app including `create`, `update`, `delete`, and `destroy`.

Pop Quiz:

When you want to remove data from your database should you use `delete` or `destroy`?


It depends.

If you need callbacks to run then you should use `destroy`. If you do not care about callbacks then you should use `delete` because it is often much faster. …

The internet is full of information about computer science and programming. This post is my curated list of resources. I plan on keeping this post up to date with the resources I am currently using so if you have any recommendations I would love to hear from you.


Ruby RoguesAn interview style podcast that covers a broad range of topics but is usually focused on Ruby/Ruby on Rails. They consistently put out a new 1 hour episode each week that is well edited.

Code NewbieAn interview style podcast hosted by a coding bootcamp graduate. The guests cover a wide range of topics but are all aimed toward people who are just learning how to code. There is an entire Code Newbie community built around the podcast and learning how to code. …

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I like to think my coding journey officially began September 15th, 2014. I had built a few websites on Word Press before then but I was at the mercy of their GUI and had absolutely no idea how anything worked. That really bothered me. I was using the internet every day, and yet how it worked was a black box to me. On this day, all of that began to change because it was my first day at Dev Bootcamp.

This is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. I moved from my Mom’s basement to New York City, met some of my closest friends, and developed a core set of skills to transition from an unfulfilling just-grind-it-out-because-nobody-likes-their-job to an exciting-always-evolving-creative-problem-solving-some-people-think-it’s-magic-career as a Programmer. …


Frank DelPidio

Programmer, teacher, life long learner. Twitter Handle: @fdel15

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