Leading on Trade to Secure Our Economic Future
John Kerry

“Put simply, the solution to our economic future isn’t shutting the door to trade”

Put simply, it is true the ‘free trade’ theoretical model determines the world citizen would be better off but signing on a dotted line when the other signatures belong to nations who have no intention of aligning themselves in economic behavior to the ‘free trade’ theoretical model and at this very point in time are doing the reverse which literally means for the US you end up no longer owning your own country you are leasing it from China who could care less about theoretical models which do not suit it as we can see by its actions in the South China Sea really is a very dangerous thing to do. For it means your wealth flows in net terms out rather than in — how long can the US be Great under such circumstances.

Please make sure the other side of the equation are ready and actually are situated to play an equal part in the process otherwise the US will be better off shutting as many doors as required to achieve equity.

“the emergence of non-state actor terrorist groups, particularly Daesh.”

This is a quite dishonest Daesh or better known as IS and the other ‘names’ are clearly identifiable Islamic/Muslim cultural terrorist actors as they always have been since the seventh century the ‘names’ have never been ‘non-state’ terrorist actors inferring they have no legitimate ‘State’ space from which they launch their terror — the ‘names’ all are attached as altruistic blades to the Islamic/Muslim cultural body (space) as even Obama has come to accept the Islamic/Muslim cultural body has to be dealt with as Obama determines before the existence of Muslim terror the ‘names’ cease to exist.

Concentrate on utilising the resources of the United States to determine if what Obama has said is actually possible “Obama has argued that there will be no comprehensive solution to Islamist terrorism until Islam reconciles itself to modernity” then if you find it is actually possible start making it happen as it will not happen by itself, if you find it is not possible then determine if advocates of “It is the differences that make us stronger.” or Lincoln are right and act accordingly.

My view is Obama’s hope is bound to fail as is any attempt to force a ‘reform’ of Islam as it does not appear to me the constructs of the State and the individual inherent in Christian text which enabled the individual to obtain in historical terms relatively high states of individual autonomy/agency do not exist in the Islamic/Muslim codex — the terror will escalate and the intercultural value discord resolve itself as Lincoln rightly determines it must with either one or the other taking the political and social space — this does not happen over the weekend but it will happen — just hopefully you see what is required and the transition is achieved in a way to minimise violence in both directions which is developing as it always will anyway.

May I suggest it is a waste of time dealing with symptoms such as individual adherents lack of comedic appreciation, of a culture which research determines values autonomy & imagination far less than unquestioning obedience, which is in essence a root cause of this war, and finally accept Lincoln understood what is required in fact necessary and it is a recognition two significantly different values systems cannot remain in the same space for long and the multiculturalism assumption “It is the differences that make us stronger.” historically and currently determines such a view dangerous abstraction.

To whom it may concern: Time for a Royal Commission to determine if it is possible for the Islamic/Muslim culture to ‘reconcile itself with modernity’ so as to prevent terror-genocide against Other cultures

But as I am not an ‘expert’ in this ‘Expert Age’ policy paradigm what do I know?

I know the ‘names’ of new victims will increasingly add to the others and the ‘names’ of the perpetrator groups and organisations will morph to another ‘name’ as each ‘victory’ against a culture’s symptoms ‘names’ are declared as the cultural body simply picks up another altruistic blade from the desert floor or our suburban streets.

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