I was never raped, but when I was 11, the son of a family friend copped a feel whenever we were…
Zelda Pinwheel

I was never raped, but my dad started “expressing love the way Jesus said to” before I even got into adolescence. I was never raped but when I was 12 my older brother’s friend told me I was “special” and then kissed me and felt me up in his car. I was never raped but when I was 14 my parents let me “go out” with an older guy who was legit because he was active in the church. He was 28 at the time; the molestation went on for 4 years. I was never raped but the creepy man down the street liked to talk with me about sex and his “affairs” with his students. I was never raped but was subject to disgusting sexual behavior by my father until the day I moved out of his house, when I was 19. I was never raped but I was blamed by my former (yay for me!) life partner for all of the aforementioned sexual assaults/abuse; surely I must have been wearing titillating clothes or behaving seductively to have invited all of this. Never mind that from childhood I never wore anything even remotely revealing as a strategy for avoiding unwanted “attention;” on the contrary, I did everything I possibly could to blend into the woodwork and be as invisible as possible. I was never raped but I have spent nearly my entire life walking around in the world incessantly on guard and feeling like a naked target. But here’s the thing: I am through being a victim; you fuckers can consider yourselves on notice. #IAMEVERYWOMAN