Raven Shea

A divine rap inspired by a late night hostel recording session

Santa Fe International Hostel

Studio sessions

I’m countin my blessins

Language connectin

Me straight up to heaven

Pray on 8 counts like 11:11

& balance yo chakras from uno to seven

Worry bout nothin

Cause Goddess providin

Deep breath I be ridin

Myself I feel pride in

There’s no need for hidin

The voice deep inside when I go to the forest & seek out some guidance

Spittin the medicine

Into your head again

Think I was heaven sent

Become the president

Of my subconscious & all of my patternin

Spreadin awareness & teachin to love again

I am in love again

Loving myself again

Open my heart for alignment to flood right in

Speakin my thoughts in a rhyme to make sense of it

Feelin the benefit

Writing as medicine

(March 27th, 2022)



Raven Shea

Raven Shea

Witchy woman who writes with the raven feather, using the power of poetry to capture deep experiences, shift perspectives, & tell stories that inspire ✨🌙