Nothing But The Truth With Jordan C.

Jordan Williams known as “Jordan C”, the second oldest of five children by Alecia Williams, is a Hip-Hop/ R&B singer reining from Providence, Rhode Island. After experiencing his parents divorce at the age of five, it was at the age of eight he was heavily influenced by his mothers R&B and his fathers hardcore Hip-Hop collections. With a passion brewing inside, Jordan began to explore more Early 90’s & 00’s R&B and Rap, focusing on raw vocals while developing lyrical ability. At the age of 15 , he premiered his talent at a local talent show. Blowing the audience away with his rendition of Brian McKnight’s “Back At One”, he then made the conscious decision to write his own music, creating songs based of the events of his surroundings.

Being forced to move at the age of 17 to North Carolina, he channeled the fresh air and began writing about the loss of his father in early 2011. Pushing through the pain, he later dropped a couple of remixes to let people know how serious he was about his craft. With a lack of a strong fan base, in 2015, Jordan turned to social media to gain the attention and expand his audience. Taking every challenge, and turning it into his favor, he began working on his first major project entitled, “Nothing But The Truth” EP. With songs like “About the Pain” and “Staying To Your Grind”, he released the project on Soundcloud later that year. Now in 2017, he’s back with his latest single “Just Wanna Love” while preparing for his highly anticipated mixtape “Conversation” dropping this summer.

During my interview, I wanted to get to the root of who Jordan is. Why he creates music and what motivates him to continue to rise.

I started making music to express myself because I haven’t mastered how to control my emotions. I’ve been through a lot at a young age, still going through things today, so music is really my sense of therapy. It helps me get out whatever I’m feeling at the moment. My family is my motivation. They keep me in high spirits everyday. For example, my aunt Brenda will text me a scripture from the Bible, to let positivity flow throughout my day. Without the love of my family, I have nothing.

After noticing a thread of perseverance throughout his journey, I knew he had to leave us with some major keys :

Don’t let anyone tell you,you can’t do something. No matter what you go through! Be who you are. Always be yourself! And strive to be the best at what ever you do.

Even though Jordan has been working on his crafts for some years now, his journey is truly just beginning. To check out his past projects and plug into his latest, follow him :


IG: AmbitiousJordan

By: Breanna Marie