Tennessee’s Stroke of Passion — “SheArtistic”!

Ashanti N., known as “SheArtisitc”, residing in Jackson, TN, has always been involved in the arts. From fifth grade to her first year of college she was involved in the choir, writing poems, songs, short stories and plays as well. As a child she began drawing, but with being involved in everything else, drawing didn’t become the main focus. In general, she credits the arts as her outlet. However, it was her aunt, who’s influence brought her to be known as “SheArtistic”.

My aunt actually influenced me to try painting. And a few months later, here I am, selling my work.

When I first glanced at her paintings, I was blown away by her attention to detail. Her paintings tell a story. With creativity like hers, I wanted to know what exactly motivated her. When asked, she replied:

What motivates me the most is my want for success. I often stress myself , worrying will my work be perfected. So I tend to push myself past my limits, to see how far I can go.

One of my favorite selections is entitled “The Weary Woman”. With everything going around regarding police brutality and the election, this piece expressed ultimate emotion. Luckily for me, it was one of her favorite paintings as well!

My favorite painting I’ve done without a doubt is “The Weary Woman”. When I painted this one, it was my first and came about out of frustration. I was dealing with something toxic and couldn’t shake it. “A Seat At The Table” by Solange had dropped and her song “Weary”, was speaking to my soul. I’m not the type to speak to someone when I’m going through a situation, I usually write. This time however, I couldn’t find the words to put on paper. So I picked up a brush instead and this was the outcome. She’s beautiful.

Some other pieces of artwork :

“A Seat At The Table”

“Twisted Fantasy”

F.E.B.E.’s mission is to spread talent, success, failures and major keys to share for others to apply to their journey. So it was imperative to get some advice from Ashanti before ending our conversation.

I consider myself a “jack of all trades, master of none”, because I never limit myself so just one skill. My advice to others; never be afraid to push yourself beyond what you know. The options for creativity are endless!

You can find more of “SheArtistic” artwork at the following :

Twitter: GxdCxmplex

Facebook: Gxd Cxmplex

Shop: GxdCxmplex.BigCartel.com

-Breanna Marie

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