How to earn from incentivization and rewards on the Federal network

AECB nodes — The foundation of the Federal network

The singularly noble idea of decentralizing power and empowering communities to build, own and monetize their network has its precursor in edge computing. By ushering in a decentralized processing power and enabling a seamless handshake with mobile computing and IoT technologies, edge computing opened the doors for AECB (Algorithmic Edge…

All you need to know about algorithmic mining and incentivization

The Federal Money app is live! A big thank you to all the members of our community for joining us in creating a truly decentralized global monetary ecosystem. It’s time for you to begin your journey to limitless wealth creation…

After 2+ long years of research-driven effort led by top tier global B-School PhD scholars and researchers from Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Wharton, London Business School, Columbia & INSEAD, we are thrilled to hereby present the Federal Money protocol to the community.

Our vision is to “Empower people to build a…


First Global People Powered Central Bank backed by Multi-Lever Algorithmic Stable Coin Network. Empowering People to build global decentralized monetary system

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