Carlos Quiñones, an air traffic control supervisor in San Juan, Puerto Rico, reflects on his career path, his heritage, and the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

Carlos Quiñones with his family

How the FAA manages air traffic around pockets of severe weather is always evolving, and following a surplus of summer storms, this year was no exception.

For Beth Claiborne, professional drag car racing and performing her duties as an aviation safety inspector share the same focus on safety and good decision making.

Claiborne’s new car lined up in the staging lane, on July 4, 2021.

Twenty-five years after their new hire flight attendant training, Christine Madden and Tim McCarthy reflect on their careers and aviation journeys, which both eventually led them to the FAA

Christine Madden and Tim McCarthy during flight attendant training 25 years ago.

The program is also planned to expand weather camera system to other states.

FAA aviation safety inspector Mark Auer finesses the similarities between his work with the Air National Guard and FAA, and how he has used skills from both to get inside a ‘circle of trust.’

Then-Col. Auer (left) flying a KC-135 on the 30th anniversary of its commissioning in May 2017.

Air traffic control supervisor Matt Gillett caught hazards on back-to-back days in June, one of which could have prevented a collision between two aircraft.

Controller in a tower using binoculars.
Photo: FAA

Learn how the FAA collaborates with small businesses throughout the U.S. to provide parts and materials that are critical for aviation safety.

A pioneer for the first Airway Science Electronics program at Langston University, Johnny Rose is paying it forward as a mentor to the next generation of aviation professionals.

Johnny Rose

Working with the FAA, the two states are leveraging the agency’s weather camera capabilities to enhance aviation safety.

Federal Aviation Administration

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