Your Grandmothers Church is dead

Your Grandmothers Church is dead. Everywhere you look there are vacant churches. We have the baby boomers to thank for this.

Even worse for the church, as Baby Boomer’s embrace Donald J Trump, more than 65% of evangelical supporting Trump are over the age of 50, who has and continue to say and do more and more offensive things against the established edicts of religious life, the prospect of Millennial’s joining the church anytime soon is dwindling. The embrace of Trump by such vast amounts of religious people only prove to the Millennial’s what hypocrites the Evangelicals are.

Baby Boomers, born 1946 through 1964, are seeking repentance as they inch closer to judgement more and more through TV preachers like Joel Osteen and others. They often site their bad hips and knees as reasons for not attending brick and mortar churches.

The TV preachers targeting the baby boomers aren’t like the TV preachers who targeted their parents, known as the Greatest Generation, for beating the great depression and winning 2 world wars. Those TV preachers were fire and brimstone preachers, more in line with saving souls and living holy lives and failure on a personal basis was failure on a spiritual level which demanded some sort of acknowledgment of their continuing ways and repentance.

The TV preachers targeting the baby boomers are nothing more the Tony Robbins or vitamin selling type motivational speakers who add a little scripture with their motivation. They excuse the day to day sins with feel good, often out of context, Biblical scriptures and urge them to buy the new book or DVD collection as they become multi-millionaires. Trying to excuse bad behavior is the message instead of being and acting like a better person. Baby Boomers totally rejected the message of radio and TV preachers of the Greatest Generation.

Generation X’ers, though, are coming back to the church, actually recreating the church, and many actually attempt to live a life better through scripture and faith, unlike the Baby Boomers who use feel good motivational speakers with sprinkle of scripture to excuse their daily lives and behavior.

Often these GenX churches are informal gatherings, some in former warehouses or even in those closed, out of business, brick and mortar churches that the Greatest Generation built that the baby boomers forsook. They are come as you are, warts and all, grab and donuts and cup of coffee and lets have church.

The return of GenX to the “new” church, often intermixed with different groups of people, straight laced professionals to tattooed freaks and geeks, have nothing to do with their upbringing because many of the now evangelical Baby Boomers had little to no religion in their family homes. Many of these GenX’ers are brought back through memories of the faith of the Greatest Generation.

As it comes to the doctrine of the new church, GenX’ers had to “come to Jesus” on their own. They didn’t have the fire and brimstone TV preachers telling them what to believe. They actually had to study and parse the scriptures on their own to determine what was true doctrine and false doctrine. As Jesus demonstrated when he fed the multitude or sat with the Monty crew of sinners, their is no “you must present yourself this holy” to come to our church. Jeans and a t-shirt is just as welcomed as a 3 piece suit. Long hair or crew cut. Just as you are.

If GenX’er’s want to bring the Millennials back to the fold, they are going to have to do “some mighty fine living.”