Announcing the 2020 Feed the Future Photo Contest Winners

Feed the Future
Feb 24 · 3 min read

Feed the Future regularly highlights inspiring stories about our partnerships to end hunger, poverty, and malnutrition across the globe. But a picture, as they say, is worth a thousand words, which is why we’re excited to announce the winners of our latest Feed the Future photo contest!

Partners from across the U.S. Government, nonprofit and NGO community, universities, and businesses submitted more than 150 inspiring photos of Feed the Future and related global food security activities — from Ethiopia to Nepal.

These images help tell the story of Feed the Future and what we are achieving: connecting farmers to markets, empowering women, improving nutrition, investing in research and innovation, and generating opportunities for economic growth and trade.

Since the start of the initiative, Feed the Future has already contributed to significant drops in poverty and child stunting in many of the places we work, accelerating progress toward a more food-secure future. These pictures give us all a glimpse into that progress and the lives that are being changed.

Without further ado, see below for the top picks from our Feed the Future panel of judges and click on each winning photo for more information.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all who participated in our photo contest!

First Place

Boosting Nutrition with Milk

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In the Satkhira District of Bangladesh, a mother feeds her son milk produced by her family’s dairy cows. Feed the Future is helping more families add milk to their diets to help boost nutrition. Photo by Asafuzzaman Captain for ACDI/VOCA

Second Place

Credit for Coffee

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Rural and small businesses in developing countries often face barriers to expansion as they are too small to get microloans yet remain underserved by commercial banks. An investment by the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (a key Feed the Future partner) in Root Capital is providing finance and training to help these small businesses expand and enhance job opportunities and economic growth in rural areas across the world. In Indonesia, Root Capital has helped Ketiara grow into a successful and well-respected coffee business, sourcing from nearly 2,000 farmers, including the ones in this photo. Photo by Root Capital

Third Place

Powering Change

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Asha Thapa Magar uses her newly purchased mini-tiller on her farm. She is a member of a farmers’ group trained by an agribusiness partner of Feed the Future, which helps women use improved farming practices, post-harvest handling and machines. Photo by Robic Upadhyaya/KISAN II, Winrock International

Honorable Mentions

Planting the Future

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In the southern region of Ethiopia, the Kite Primary Cooperative produces fast-growing, high-yielding, disease-resistant coffee seedlings to distribute to growers. Feed the Future is supporting growers in high-potential coffee-producing districts of Ethiopia by developing coffee nursery growing groups like this one, which in turn has created job opportunities for more than 300 young women and men. Photo by John Healey, Fintrac Inc.

Saving Time with a Thresher

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Gyanu Lamichhane, a farmer from Nepal, uses a thresher machine to process her rice harvest. It used to take her a whole day to thresh 200 kilograms of rice by hand. Now, she can process the same amount in just half an hour. In partnership with a private cooperative, Feed the Future hosted rice production training, machine demonstrations, and advice to farmers like Gyanu to help them decrease labor costs and save time. Photo by Robic Upadhyaya/KISAN II, Winrock International

Lovely Leafy Legumes

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Nelia is at home preparing a meal using lablab legume leaves harvested from legumes she intercropped in her maize field. As a model family farmer in her community in Mozambique, she learned that legumes are nitrogen-fixing crops that have a long list of benefits. These low-cost, long-lasting plants replenish soil health, repel unwanted pests and provide an additional source of nutrition through their beans and green leaves. Photo by Land O’Lakes Venture37 and Cine International Limited

Peace through Chocolate

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Delfin Morales is a cacao producer from South Bolivar, a region in Colombia which faced violence and illicit economies for decades. Eight years ago, he turned his back on coca crops to start a new life with cacao production. The U.S. Agency for International Development has helped farmers like Delfin improve harvest and post-harvest techniques so they can have greater access to markets, enabling them to live in peace and improve their quality of life. Photo by Josué Vaca for Fintrac Inc.

You can view all of the entries from this year’s photo contest on our Flickr account. Enjoy!

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