The Secret to English Fluency

I have a magical secret to share with you.

This secret can change your life. It’s the secret to success. To being rich. To getting whatever it is that you want.

Want to know what that secret to success is?

Here it is…

All you have to do is just believe that you will be successful, and you’ll magically become successful!

Just think it!

It’s that simple, so I guess that’s all I have t say.

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Please don’t believe that message above. It’s a very dangerous philosophy.

There are a lot of books that suggest our mind is so powerful, it can control what happens around us. They talk about a theory called the Law of Attraction.

I’ve even covered some books like that in the podcast.

But there is one book that became very popular in the 21st century by claiming that we can make things happen in the future if we simply believe they will happen. It’s called “The Secret”.

I liked that book, for a month, about 10 years ago.

Unfortunately “The Secret” is not your magic answer to getting everything you’ve ever wanted. And most “successful” people would probably agree.

The problem with the Law of Attraction, the “secret”, is that it’s missing the one main ingredient that does make the difference.

Want to get a better job?

Want to become fit and muscular?

Want to become a confident, fluent English speaker?

Want to become “successful”?

Instead of just thinking about achieving these things, do this…

…take action, every day.

Non-Zero Days

I came across a concept last week called “Non-Zero Days”. It makes a lot of sense; much more than “the secret”.

And it’s very straightforward.

The way to make real lasting change (permanent change) is to ensure you never have a “zero-day”.

A zero day is when you do absolutely nothing related to your mission. Zero action towards your goal.

Instead, you are going to try really hard to have consecutive non-zero days; read one page in a book, do one push-up, write one sentence, and go from there.

Just don’t do nothing.

Here’s an example:

Even though I haven’t published an episode this month for Feel Good, there hasn’t been a day that’s gone by where I haven’t done at least one thing for my podcast.

I read an article, contacted a member, thought of a new email or episode topic, or even worked on a song for the podcast.

I do take breaks though, that’s for sure. I even take full days off from work, just not zero days.

And taking a few minutes even on the off days to think about something for my business is not going to ruin (destroy) my day off.

Making sure you don’t have too many zero days with your English is vital!

Here’s the real secret to success…

Non-Zero English Days

So let’s try to create a non-zero English lifestyle.

If you don’t have the time to “study” English, don’t. You can still avoid having a zero day.

Read a page in a book. Listen to an audiobook for 10 minutes. Or how about choosing a podcast you can listen to on the way to work each day.

Every day do at least one thing. Even if it takes 10 seconds. Like thinking about what you read from the day before. That takes 10 seconds.


Because little progress is better than no progress at all, no matter how seemingly insignificant it may be.

You’ve heard me say it before; it’s all about the little, daily steps we take. The .003% improvement every day.

And sorry, just thinking about becoming a fluent English speaker won’t make you a fluent English speaker.

That’s definitely NOT the secret.

Thanks for reading (really though),


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