Staking Program: PHASE ONE

Details of first phase for Feellike FLL staking system.

Check below all needed information:


First Round 30/12/2020 – amount of burned coins:

The number of coins held by the first 100 FLL wallets.

Second Round 30/06/2021 – amount of burned coins:

Number of burned coins in the first round x 2

Third Round 30/12/2021 – amount of burned coins:

Amount of burned coins in the second round.


stage one:

The first 95 wallets are eligible for the FLL Bonus Coin prizes

Counting method:

Daily: WALLET SIZE IN FLL x 1/365 x 0.25

(Each next day will be sum up to Yours current points)

The 95 wallets with the most points on 12/30/2020 will be eligible for prizes.

They will be ranked from the highest 1 to 95 and prizes will be paid out in that order.

During the program, we will enable you to check your current balance. I think it will come out soon

Awards categories

  • 1–5 – 5k FLL to each /// 25k FLL
  • 6–15 – 2.25k to each /// 22.5k
  • 16–30 – 1,5k to each /// 21k
  • 31–50 – 1k to each /// 19k
  • 51–75 – 0.6k to each /// 14.4k
  • 76–100 – 400 to each /// 8 k

= 109.9 to circulation



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