Complacency and stuck in a rut

Complacent means self-satisfied.

Rut means dull settled habits or way of living.

I wrote the above because I’m trying to figure out whether I am in a state of complacency or whether I am stuck in a rut.

Lately, my discipline is so bad!

These are the things that I want to do, but I have not done it:

  1. Exercise
  2. Eat well
  3. Get enough sleep
  4. Clean…things
  5. Get several other things done…

What has been keeping me from doing all these?

Short answer: ME

Long answer? I seemed to be thinking and doing all sorts of other stuff that I’ve done so many times…like cooking and baking. Everyday, I just cannot stop myself. It has become a habit. How do I break it? I don’t know! Someone lock the kitchen please! I cannot have access to it! I should have access to a small fridge with basic necessity. See whether that works! And take away my ipad and this computer as well as all forms of internet access in the house. I probably will be forced to go out of the house.

I remember when my house had very bad internet access, once upon a time. During weekends, I took my laptop to a restaurant that has really good internet access. I order my usual — a snack and a drink. I will sit there for hours. After months of doing this, I ended up getting to know the waiters, managers and making new friends with other regulars. This is what I should do now! But no — I love the comfort of home and cooking, and baking and watching movies using my ipad. what a rut!

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