Military Spouse Appreciation at Hera Hub

Many of Hera Hub’s member are military, military spouses or both! We are honored to recognize these women and thank them for their service.

Jennifer Swasey is married to Navy LT David Swasey, Electronics Maintenance Officer (EMO). He is currently deployed with the USS Carl Vincent Strike Group aboard the USS Lake Champlain.

Jennifer is a freelance CFO focusing on organizing, reporting, analyzing, and planning for business success.

Connect with Jennifer:

Website —

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Michelle Camp is married to Navy helicopter pilot David Camp. Michelle is a freelance attorney working with small firms, solo practitioners and entrepreneurs on a variety of business litigation matters.

Ann Secord spent 28 years in the military and her husband was in for 29. Ann is board certified in anatomic and clinical pathology. She is currently teaching people how to optimize their health and turn back their internal clocks on chronic disease using the CHIP (Complete Health Improvement) Program.

Connect with Ann:

Twitter — @Docbeccy

LinkedIn — AnnSecord

Emily Escalante is married to Marine MSGT John Escalante. Emily is one of the partners at Barber and Gonzales. Emily is passionate about empowering individuals and organizations to capitalize on their assets in order to leverage challenge into opportunity; out of crisis can come innovation and community building.

Connect with Emily:

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Originally posted on on May 12, 2017

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