#MediaChat — Being a blogger and social media influencer

On February 16th, I joined my first Twitter chat with #MediaChat. The topic discussed was blogging and how to become a social media influencer. #MediaChat is hosted weekly by Aaron Kilby and Melany Berger was the guest speaker that week.

Berger, owner of the blog Melany’s Guydlines, was excited to answer any question that came her way. The questions focused on working with brands, building a brand, blogging and influencing social media!

The chat started off with introductions from all over the country. Some introductions were strictly professional while others showcased their hobbies. In fact, there was quite a few students from the University of Florida’s Social Media Management class in the chat. So much, that Berger gave us a shout out!

After introductions, the questions and comments started to roll in. One of my favorite pieces of advice given by Berger was “Don’t be like everyone else! Be you! What makes you different?” This was directed at branding but can be applied anywhere. You should be yourself because you are unique. You should not try to pretend to be someone that you are not. You should be confident in who you are as a person.

On top of the excellent advice given, I learned new things. Berger said “Don’t try and be funny! You either are or are not. Be memorable.” As someone who enjoys lame jokes and puns, I found this shocking. Why wouldn’t you add humor to your writing? My question got answered immediately by Gabriel Cattani . “Humor’s very subjective. Not always a guarantee as to what will resonate positively.” I forgot that some people’s humor can be offensive or upset another. When writing a blog, you should try to avoid that.

One question and answer pairing that caught my eye was this:

MediaChat: “Question 7: What should brands do to amplify successful partnerships with bloggers/social media influencers?”

Berger: “Answer 7: It’s not enough to just hire an influencer without supporting them! Brands hire to promote so they must cross-promote!”

This was another piece of advice I thought could be applied to every day life. When you have a job, that company should support you and you should support the company that you work for. A company should not hire an employee that it does not believe in. A person should not join a company he or she does not believe in. Without the support of both sides, how can both be successful?

Overall, my first Twitter chat was a success! Every individual in the chat was friendly and welcoming. The content was useful and every question asked got answered.

If you are looking to join a Twitter chat, #MediaChat is a must!