How to make money!

I believe there are 3 basic ways you can make money in life:

  • Hard Working: you know a process, you can repeat it, have a lot of people working for you, you care about reducing costs, increasing margins and making some money from all this hard work. In this case you will make money to pay your bills and eventually to enjoy life. Risk is low and success rate is high.
  • Creativity: You know how to design something new based on other parts, you know poetry, storytelling, art and is able to make money out of that kind of stuff. This can also be hard working, but is fun, you don’t care about margins, reducing costs, you care about making something new, useful and that others consider art. It can take years to make real money, it can be stressful, discouraging and frustrating sometimes. Risk is high and success rate is low.
  • Opportunistic: You search and find holes in the system, ways to sell something cheaper than others or something people believe in but not necessarily is. You sell hope, trust and make people feel better by giving you their money. You are in the legality borderline and while many consider it illegal, some consider it legal, but usually it is immoral. You can make lots of money easy and quick. The risk is high and success rate is very low as in long term it may take you to jail.

You can choose any of the three as your major strategy to thrive, but not all, they will compete in your mind and only one can be the winner. Of course you can change, but this can be costly or even too late.

In the end always choose the one you feel comfortable about, but remember that there is no money that can pay a good night’s sleep.