ANINE BING, the LA-based lifestyle and fashion brand, has joined the Felix Family!

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Sep 10, 2018 · 4 min read

We are thrilled to announce our investment in ANINE BING, an exciting digital-first women’s fashion brand, as we are co-leading their $15m series A, together with Index Ventures and Greycroft. Based in LA, started by Danish founders, ANINE BING offers a selection of statement pieces and luxurious basics, mixing a small essentials collection with new seasonal collections added every month, inspired by the fusion of both Scandinavian heritage and American spirit. The brand is based on the lifestyle and creative vision of the founder Anine Bing, a former model turned designer. You can see more of the latest Fall collection below.

We’ve long marvelled at how Anine Bing authentically built their community and have been following their Instagram over time. At Felix, we love passionate, mission-driven founders who can scale with their business. Anine Bing, founder and creative director of the firm, is a fashion lover and professional. She first entered the industry as a model at the age of 15 and then grew as a creative. Before launching her own company, she partnered with a variety of brands for design collaborations which continuously improved her eye for style. We were impressed by this female founder empowering busy women by offering them a wardrobe with pieces that are on-point but easy to mix and match.

Our investment thesis is driven by three key attributes that we see in the brand, team and business:

  1. Community & Brand

As consumers investors, we are looking for authentic brands that are able to create a deep emotional link with their community. Anine Bing has been built organically, on the back of a very strong social media presence (over 600k followers on Instagram). Anine shares many aspects of her life including having to juggle work as an entrepreneur, family with 2 kids and a husband, and the many constraints of modern life. This helps to create authentic connections with customers who share similar challenges and relate to Anine’s esthetics. Leveraging this organic community, the firm has been able to build brand affinity with its target community, translating into strong engagement on social media (as illustrated by the #aninebing hashtags across Instagram and the many likes and comments gathered by Anine’s posts). In addition, this community is international, with customers queuing in Anine Bing’s stores in LA, NY, London, Berlin or Paris.

2. Team & Product

The business was started by Anine and her husband Nico. Anine is the creative force and the “muse” for the brand; as a real “tastemaker” she has the ability to create products across various lifestyle categories (clothing, shoes, accessories, home, beauty, kids, etc.). Nico is CEO and has a background in retail and apparel manufacturing, an essential asset in translating Anine’s vision into reality. The combination of their respective skillsets results in the brand creating great products. As consumer-centric investors, we have seen countless companies where the team was very focused on a market opportunity and product was an afterthought. We love businesses that are built the other way round, i.e. product first, often driven by passion. The result is a remarkable ability to create new products with regular drops during the season, while controlling prices, margin and quality. This is absolutely in line with customers’ expectations, who want new products (consistent in price and quality) more regularly and value the curation that comes with such model. This is an essential foundation in building a healthy fashion business.

3. Multichannel experience

From the beginning, Anine and Nico’s vision was to connect with customers across multiple channels, and to create a unique “experience” around the brand: online first, complemented by a select number of retail stores in top cities and supported by strategic wholesale accounts. ANINE BING is able to create connections with consumers across these multiple touch points, with consistency and a focus on customer delight.

As a result, we believe that ANINE BING has all of the ingredients to create a long-lasting and influential brand, with a distinct identity and healthy business model. We are extremely pleased to welcome ANINE BING to the Felix family and to partner with the team on their expansion plans, together with our friends at Index Ventures and Greycroft!

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