We are growing! Welcome Chloe, Carmen & Stephanie to Felix Capital

We have been keeping busy at Felix on multiple fronts, working closely with our existing portfolio, achieving our 1st exit with the sale of Olapic, and closing a bunch of new investments to announce soon. But we’ve got news: we are growing!

Up until now, the team behind Felix came together pre-launch and went through all the challenges of conceiving Felix, starting up, raising the fund and launching the firm. Like many businesses, venture capital is a people business. Especially the way we do it at Felix, which is way more craftsmanship than asset management. We knew we wanted to grow the team but have taken our time. We wanted to retain our thematic approach, our boutique culture, become known for the areas we focus on, and grow in line with our key principles as expressed in our Manifesto. With a small team, every new member has a big impact. So today we are delighted to announce that three remarkable ladies have joined the team, with Stephanie Phair (formerly The Outnet) and Chloe Macintosh (formerly Made.com) joining our group of advisors, and Carmen Alfonso Rico (formerly at Morgan Stanley) joining our investment team.

Carmen is Spanish, and hails originally from Madrid. After an initial career in politics followed by a start-up experience, Carmen moved to London to work with Morgan Stanley, where outside of her role she was also the co-founder of TEDxMorganStanleyLondon, the 1st TEDx sponsored by a bank. We ran an open process to hire an associate, and have been overwhelmed by the interest with over 200 applicants. Carmen emerged as our lead candidate, with a great understanding of our investment thesis, high energy and a true passion to connect Felix to the next generation of Digital Lifestyle founders, who will impact the world significantly.

Stephanie lives in London and has both Argentinian and Canadian nationalities. She has spent many years in the US in media and digital roles before moving to London 10 years ago to lead The Outnet, which she successfully turned into one of the key engines of growth of the Net-A-Porter Group. She is also on the board of Moncler SpA in Milan. Stephanie inherently understands our passion for brands, especially new digital brands in various lifestyle segments with a global opportunity, as well as the transformation of retail more generally. She works closely with a number of startups and we have already had the chance to closely collaborate on a few opportunities.

Chloe is originally French but has spent the past 17 years in London. She comes from a creative background, having started her career as an architect with Fosters and Partners. She left in 2010 to co-found Made.com, the successful online furniture brand with the mission to offer original design at affordable prices, where she was also Chief Creative Officer. Chloe currently works with Soho House & Co as a consultant on all things creatives across the business. Recently Chloe co-invested with Felix at Urban Massage where she advises on branding and the consumer proposition.

We are fortunate to have both Stephanie and Chloe come on board and join our group of Venture Advisors, who are not only one of our strongest secret weapons but also a true extension of our team; helping us with deal flow, network, market insights and acting as mentors to our founders. They both bring different perspectives, as experienced creators and operators of digital lifestyle businesses, and with them on board we feel even better equipped in our quest to become the venture capital firm for the creative class.

Someone recently asked us what the hardest thing was about building Felix, and the answer was simple: hiring. This applies to many of our portfolio companies too; there is a global battle for talent, from one continent to another, from one eco-system to another and from one company to another. The good news overall is that the quality of talent is rising so strongly across the digital eco-system. Over the past decade, our industry has grown, and its influence is only going one way as technology keeps on changing the world.

Let’s hope that this continues and that we become even more diverse, and with frontiers that remain open for talent to move as freely as possible. On our side, we will continue to explore and invest in markets where women have a very significant influence, and are delighted to be able to do it with an even more diverse input and with a greater variety of perspectives. Welcome Carmen, Chloe and Stephanie!