Susan and Sarah

Welcome Susan and Sarah!

Expanding our investment team adding talented investors with experience including HgCapital, Bain & Company, Raine Group and Goldman Sachs

Team building, the hardest part of the venture business.

Starting Felix Capital from scratch, we chose the hardest route, assembling our investors, our advisors and our team members one by one, in alignment with our vision and mission. As in every startup journey, finding talent is both the most critical and the most difficult part of building a business, especially starting from scratch. Felix being a boutique venture fund (keen to remain small and high impact), each team member is a direct contributor to our culture, style and eventually performance. This makes hiring particularly important and in simple terms, really hard.

Then when we decided to add a team member last year, we were overwhelmed by the response from our community and the broad talent pool seeking to move into venture, as we received more than 800 applications! We were lucky to receive interest from extremely talented candidates from all over the world, with applications filled with passion, professionalism and impressive and diverse experiences. This enabled us to stay very ambitious on hiring while consciously bringing onboard complementary background and cultures. Today, we are thrilled to announce the arrival of two new investors in our team: Susan Lin and Sarah Shanfield!

Welcome Susan!

Susan is bringing to Felix Capital ten years of experience during which she has advised, invested in and worked with a range of consumer and technology companies, contributing to their journey to grow and scale. She previously worked at HgCapital, a London-based private equity fund where she focused on investing in growth-stage software businesses, with a focus on adding significant portfolio support. Prior to HgCapital, Susan was a management consultant at Bain & Company in San Francisco, London and Singapore focused on Consumer. We also look forward to connecting to her Californian network, built during her Stanford MBA and while working with a couple of San Francisco startups. In addition to her financial and consulting expertise, Susan has spent some time on the operational side, as director of Partner Strategy at AppDirect, a leading cloud app marketplace, and as Business Developer at Plated, a food delivery service acquired by Albertsons. Importantly, Susan brings to Felix a different perspective on the world, thanks to her Chinese roots and her Australian culture, growing up in sunny Melbourne. Be ready to see Susan spending some time on the West coast, as well as the main tech hubs across Europe.

And welcome Sarah!

Sarah adds an East coast touch to our team. Prior to Felix, she worked at the Raine Group, a merchant bank advising and investing in technology, media and entertainment. She started with Raine in the New York headquarters and later moved to their London office to support the growth of their European activity, in line with the growth of the European tech eco-system. Prior to that she was based in the US, having completed her MBA at Harvard, during which she worked with our friends from Forerunner Ventures during the summer, sharpening her eye for the transformation of the consumer landscape. Sarah started her career at Goldman Sachs, where she held roles in the Alternative Investment and Manager Selection Group, focused on a range of public and private market strategies. With her experience in technology / media and US background, Sarah brings a very complementary and valuable perspective to the Felix team. She will be your go-to for all things consumer happening out of New York.

Welcome Susan, welcome Sarah, we are very excited to have you join the Felix family.