Whether you like it or not, Germany has produced the best talent in the last decade of football but nobody seems to be signing players from the Bundesliga.


Why is it that when Premier League clubs are searching for new signings they often venture to Spain and vice versa? And France is often raided. Since 2010 the Germany national team has finished third, second and first at the World Cup along with being semi-finalists and runners-up in the European Championship.

The current Germany national squad has enough players to field three teams that feature players who play regular first team football in either Germany or one of the other top European leagues. Germany is a superpower of football but the Bundesliga still isn’t regarded as one of the best leagues.

There are many reasons that could explain why that the Bundesliga isn’t rated more highly. The overwhelming and relentless spending power of Bayern Munich has often titled the domestic title race in Muncih’s favour. Borussia Dortmund has come close in recent years and under Jurgen Klopp did manage to win the league title until Bayern signed most of Klopp’s first team. Bayern is recognised as a dominant force in the UEFA Champions League but Germany has a host of other clubs that can compete against the best teams in Europe.

This season’s campaign has proved that the powerful national team is having an impact on the standard of football in the Bundesliga. Borussia Monchengladbach had a successful run in the Champions League and strong performances against one of the strongest sides in England, Manchester City, gave the relatively small German club respect from the rest of Europe. With a net spend over £14million Schalke 04 managed to reach the quarter-finals of the Europa League, again highlighting the improvements in German football with the astounding stat that the average age of both sides is just over 23. Schalke and Gladbach each have seven German internationals in their first teams.

The rise of Serie A this season has been similar to the rise of the Bundesliga. Not only are Bayern Munich slowly struggling to cope with the so-called minnows in Germany, they’re also having a large decline off the pitch with several directors stepping down in the past five years. This has acted as a boost for the rest of the league with clubs consistently developing top talent ready to take on Europe. It may take Munich some time to return to being a superpower, which leaves the door open for several other clubs in Germany to push for the title as RB Leipzig has done this year. An unknown team with a host of young talented players has pushed for the league title all season, similar to what Spurs have done in the Premier League.

The difference? The average cost of a Spurs first team player is £11.7 million. The average cost of a Leipzig player is £3.1 million. Make your own mind up on who is developing the best players in the better league.

by Nubaid Haroon YouTube: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCtMg-fWm7awR41vM1GhVOkA Twitter: twitter.com/rambofyi

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