It is just weeks until the return of Game of Thrones, the epic struggle for control of the Iron Throne of Westeros. Expect bloodshed, intrigue and brutality as the warring families battle for supremacy. This is a world full of macho endeavour and testosterone-fuelled bloodlust but it’s the women of Westeros who hold the real power. Even Jon Snow, who has spent the last six series battling for the ultimate prize, can now make a push for the throne but only because of the intervention of a woman.

Who are these strong, independent, gorgeous women with the destiny of a kingdom in their hands?

game of thrones

The incumbent of the throne is Cersei Lannister, played with real passion by Lena Headley. After seeing her prominent male relatives killed in a variety of ways, she is now in charge. She even holds power over her brother (and lover) Jaime, a renowned warrior.

In Game of Thrones Cersei has it all. Beauty, brains and most of all the power to use them. Her political scheming knows no bounds and the internal battle for power in Kings Landing makes Westminster’s Houses of Parliament look like a village tea party.

Cersei will use her beauty to retain power at any cost. She has seen the inside of a dungeon and does not want to return.

Ready to Fight it Out

game of thrones

Waiting across the sea after assembling a huge army is the beautiful Deanerys Targaryan, played with great style by Emilia Clarke. She can trace her bloodline back many generations and believes completely in her claim to the throne. She is adept at using her beauty to get exactly what she wants.

After being married into the warlike Dothraki tribe, Daenerys has slowly but surely clawed her way to the head of a vast army of soldiers who are all prepared to lay down their lives for her. Never afraid to use her body to get what she wants, she inspires loyalty and devotion from her subjects.

Lurking just beneath the surface is a brutally ruthless woman, afraid of nothing and no-one. And she has dragons. Three of them.

The last member of the power-hungry “Women of Westeros” trio in Game of Thrones is the quiet and unassuming but strong Sansa Stark, played by Sophie Turner.

Sansa’s character has been a slow-burner, lurking in the shadows for a long time. She has known terrible times at the hands of the evil sadist Ramsay Bolton but now, alongside her half-brother Jon Snow, she is ready to do battle.

Sansa grew up in Winterfell, the bleak northern outpost of Westeros but she prospered anyway. Her father Ned arranged for Sansa to be betrothed to Joffrey, Cersei Lannister’s son. That is where it all started to go wrong for Sansa. She barely managed to escape the clutches of the sadistic Joffrey, only to fall into the hands of the equally cruel Ramsay Bolton.

game of thrones

A mixture of quiet determination and cunning leads her to freedom and a reunion with Jon Snow. Sansa is a great character and has blossomed from a quiet and self-effacing child into a beautiful and strong woman.

The battle of the Westeros women promises to be spectacular. All three of these gorgeous ladies bring something to the party and each has characteristics that could give her an advantage. Whichever way it goes, we will have a great time watching.

Game of Thrones Series 7 starts July 17 on Sky Atlantic

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