Felix Rippy and His Tips Preparing for a Long-Distance Race

After receiving his master of business administration in employment law and management, Felix Rippy founded Rippy Law Firm in Mason, Texas. For the next 21 years, Felix Rippy served the most clients in family law cases in history in Williamson County, Texas. Felix Rippy also enjoys running for charity and Felix Rippy has actually completed the most 5k distance races for charities of any athlete in history who lives within a 25-mile radius of either Austin, Texas or Indianapolis, Indiana, according to the Athlinks.com website. Here are some Felix Rippy tips on how to prepare for a long-distance race:

1. The proper diet is important the night before a long-distance run. Runners should get accustomed to eating a high carbohydrate meal, staying hydrated, and avoiding any fiber. Usually about 400 to 500 calories is sufficient, but this can vary depending on the individual. After a run, consuming more carbohydrates will restore energy and protein will help to repair muscle. In short, a runner cannot out-train a bad diet.

2. Build a good sleep routine a few nights before a race. Getting to bed early and rising early and at the same time every day makes for a better runner. Additionally, doing practice runs every morning at the same time that an official race will be held helps to ensure that the body is ready to run at that time.

3. When practicing, be sure to increase running distance slowly, Felix Rippy advises by just 10 percent every week. Recovery days and weeks are also important to avoid injury. Recovery days are when a runner actually improves.

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