Tales from inside the fluffy suit

A bear mascot standing in front of a building is looking up, with people sitting on stairs in the background
A bear mascot standing in front of a building is looking up, with people sitting on stairs in the background
Photo by Matteo Maretto on Unsplash

Hey marketing managers, have you ever been inside a mascot suit? I have. In fact, in my varied career I have been (amongst other things);

Not only have I been a mascot, but I’ve also run teams of mascots. Consider me a mascot wrangler, if you will. …

Personal Experience

Hint: look up from your phone

Photo by Tadeusz Lakota on Unsplash

If you asked most people what they enjoyed about being a dog owner, taking their dog for a walk would undoubtedly be one of their answers. Having a dog means that you have a reason to get up off the sofa and out into the world. Fresh air and exercise are excellent for both you and your dogs physical and mental health.

Exploring the world is a wonderful feeling but having a dog with you can lull you into a false sense of security (i.e no one will approach me when I have a big dog next to me). …

Animal Advocacy

Learn something new and celebrate #TeamPointy

Photo by Artem Sapegin on Unsplash

While pugs, French bulldogs and other flat nosed breeds may be all the rage, some know that the best snoots in the dog world belong to those in the hound group.

With this in mind, I present to you 9 of the most boopable long nosed hounds to brighten your day, make you smile and maybe give you the opportunity to learn a thing or two about the breeds!


Everything about greyhounds are aerodynamic, including their extremely long nose! If the nose doesn’t make you fall in love, the eyes will. While it may feel like you are cuddling a…

Animal Advocacy

These beauties deserve our attention

Photo by Michael on Unsplash

Black dogs are notoriously hard to rehome. As the proud owner of a beautiful black greyhound, I just can’t understand how anyone could choose one dog over another purely down to the colour of their coat.

How a dog looks has absolutely no impact on their personality, their quirks or their ability to be a wonderful companion, yet black dogs are being left in the rescue shelter with lighter coloured dogs being adopted much quicker. So why exactly are black dogs being left behind?

Are we superstitious?

Anecdotally, there are a few reasons that people aren’t as likely to adopt a black dog…

Animal Advocacy

It’s not just an old saying

Photo by Brina Blum on Unsplash

We’ve all heard the old adage ‘let sleeping dogs lie’. It normally means to leave things alone but in many cases these traditional sayings are rooted in truth. Very often you should literally let sleeping dogs lie.

The reason being? Sleep aggression can come through in many different breeds of dogs and can often take the owner by surprise. What they think is an innocent tummy tickle while their dog is snoozing can turn into a growl or even a snap. …

I’m pretty sure she doesn’t listen to it though

Photo by Will Francis on Unsplash

When I adopted my greyhound in 2018, I never for a moment expected it to lead to hosting a podcast. Two years later and I am the host, editor and producer of podcast called Fell In Love with A Hound where I get to talk to people who are as passionate about rescue greyhounds as I am.

When I say passionate, that might be an understatement. I often joke on the podcast that when you adopt a greyhound you are becoming part of a cult, whether you realise it or not…

Animal Advocacy

Please don’t take it personally

Photo by Manuel Meza on Unsplash

It always amazes me when I see people out for a walk and their dog is off lead, running up to people and other dogs. The owners usually call out ‘it’s OK, he/she is friendly’ which is lovely for them but, you see, my dog isn’t.

Since we adopted our rescue greyhound over two years ago, I have learned a lot about how dogs interact with each other. Our grey (like many others) has a naturally high prey drive and had only really been around other hounds for a large chunk of her life. …


Why canine co-stars are so popular on the big screen

Photo by Jared Gorski on Unsplash

Man’s best friend has been a constant companion on the big screen. Whether it’s a heart-warming Disney family flick or a terrifying horror film, canines have taken the lead in many of our favourite movies. But what is the enduring appeal of a story that pairs up dogs and humans?

A Brief History of Dogs on Screen

The first case of a dog on the big screen goes back to 1905 thanks to the British film called Rescued by Rover, the story of a dog who leads its master to find his kidnapped baby. …

Animal Anecdote

It’s not all doggy playdates and Instagram selfies

Photo by James Barker on Unsplash

We all love to see our furry friends on social media. There’s nothing more likely to brighten up your day than a cute dog video. They make us laugh and wish that we could give them all the pats but I felt that I needed to write this article as a bit of a reality check for anyone planning on bringing a dog into their home for the first time.

Research has shown that there are around 130,000 dogs looking to be rehomed in the UK every year and I’m sure many of these were given up when people realised…

My muse has a wet nose

Image by Martine Auvray from Pixabay

Four paws, wet nose, warm heart

It’s 2.30am on a Saturday morning and I can’t sleep. I went to bed at the usual time the night before but tossed and turned until I gave up even trying to pretend that I was anywhere near ready to sleep.

My husband snoring softly beside me, I push on my slippers and head downstairs. Determined to get some ideas out of my head, I turn my laptop on and start to type.

A few minutes later, I hear the sound of pawsteps on the stairs and a sleepy but curious furry face appears…

Laura-Jane Clements

Host & Producer of Fell in Love with a Hound, the podcast for people who love rescue greyhounds. Dog lover. Advocate for part time & flexible working. TV addict

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