Happy Other Mother’s Day

Hilarious Mother-In-Law card collection you can send from your iPhone for Mother’s Day.

Let’s face it. The relationship between anyone and their Mother-In-Law can be a little awkward at times, especially around Mother’s Day. Should you send a Mother’s Day card? She’s your mom, but not really. Thankfully we’ve created a solution for this age-old social quandary: the Other Mother’s Day Card Collection. A new line of greeting cards specifically designed to send to your Mother-In-Law on Mother’s Day. The best part is you can write and send these cards all from your iPhone. And they arrive in the mail. The real mail.

The cards range from sweet:

To very honest:

To outrageous:

Your Other Mother’s Day cards along with real Mother’s Day cards can all be found in the Felt app and are just 3 bucks to send. View the full Other Mother’s Day Collection here.

We would like to wish all the Mother’s and Other Mother’s out there a very Happy Mother’s Day.

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