#LinkedInChat: Can your headline make or break you?

LinkedIn headlines are one of the most misunderstood aspects of the social media platform today. Should they simply state your job title? Or should they be a description of your functional roles? According to Someddi’s Managing Director, and Social Media Manager, Con Sweeney, a LinkedIn headline is significantly less effective when it simply states an individual’s job title. Functional roles, give a better description of what and who you are while also including important keywords. Here’s three tips I learned from Con Sweeney’s #LinkedInChat this week:

Information gathered from Con Sweeney’s #LinkedInChat
  1. Use it, or lose it!

LinkedIn gives it users 120 characters to complete their personal headline, and if you don’t use it up, you’ve lost a valuable resource. LinkedIn headlines are one of the first things potential employers see, so make it descriptive and make it count!

2. Keywords = Key to success

While it might be tempting to create a quick, fun and catchy LinkedIn headline, using keywords that really describe yourself may payoff more in the long-run. When employers use LinkedIn to find future employees they typically search keywords through the search function. Using keywords that describe your abilities and functional roles is one of the best ways to gain visibility from future employees. A company looking to hire a new “Marketing Director” often won’t search for the title, but rather keywords that they feel makes a good Marketing Director. Examples of relevant keywords maybe “leader”, “creative thinker”, “content developer”, ect. Through the use of keywords, we can help bring value to our headline.

3. Experiment!

Experimenting with your LinkedIn headline is a great way to not only see what’s working, but also gain the attention of those following you. Don’t be afraid to take some risk and step out of the “job title headline” box. The reward may just be a great new job or networking contact!

Here are some examples of LinkedIn headlines I think really hit the mark!

  • Wordsmith with proven ability to translate business objectives into communication strategies and tactics.
  • Helping Green-Snow Industry Companies Reach Management & Operational Excellence Through CLARITY│EXECUTION│GROWTH
  • Consumer Marketing Expert with a focus on Strategy, Promotions, and Campaign Management.

To learn more about how to make your LinkedIn headline standout from the crowd check out the most recent #LinkedInChat and explore LinkedIn for some great ideas!

Sources: Gameplangeek.com & Con Sweeney’s 2017 #LinkedInChat

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