When the women fought WWII with their lipsticks…

World War II claimed the lives of more than 6 crore people (mostly civilians) and remains as the most inhumane chapter in human history. Brave young soldiers (sometimes as young as university students) were waiting in a distant land for their turn to die/kill at the enemy lines while the women took the responsibility of running the families and economy left behind.

Amidst this crisis, there was one thing that kept the women going and men fighting — make-up. Women were seen for the first time relating make-up to their self esteem, power and femininity. Topping it up with Red Lipstick — women fought the battle beautifully (literally).

American ladies were compelled to take up jobs that were earlier reserved only for men, including arms manufacturing for the war. Working in industries, these women had only make up to remind them of who they were and how important their femininity was. There was a section of women at the warfront too — Red Cross girls

Loading their Club Mobile with Coffee, Donuts and a Gramophone, these young girls roamed distant lands attending soldiers stationed there. These girls were specially instructed to look good to lift the spirits of the hassled soldiers. No, they were not being objectified. These men, far away from their homes in a foreign land (months may be since years) were losing motivation to stay at the war. The Red Cross girls served as friends that these soldiers needed. They would listen to their war stories, sigh with them, laugh, sing and dance with them and most importantly, reminded them of the home and the ladies still waiting for them.

These ‘girls’ were not necessarily the most beautiful ones in town. But the fact that they were raging the war in their own way made them gorgeous for the soldiers. Yes, women fought the World War II with their bright Red Lipsticks on.

Originally published at www.femi9.in.