Double Secure System

Close studies to the balance of power as a fact or balance of power as a system creates reason to ponder on the difference between facts and system.

Facts are parameters for a truth to be established, a system is an assembling of facts, lies, truth and operators bent on keeping the system going.

Political facts or political systems are established on this basis but if for a fact a government finds it comfortable to suspend its own federal character rule in a recruitment into a national assignment based on that the system of the national assignment was already skewwed can only be imagined

Will a Nigerian take a closer look at the claims of having 55 people as a replacement for 5 people as a balancing act in the federal character system?

Do Nigerian Rulers realise they are slaves of their own resources as Frederick II of Prussia argued in the late 18th century.

What happens if security elements go rogue and cliff to their mother's village and abandon their father's palace....or devote national resources to a regional assignment.

Is securing the future all about self placed interest over national balance of the day?

Should a statesman make tomorrow circumvent the affairs of today because its in a hurry to stop a classified event from happening