《Hey, you awake?
— Yeah, so are you.
— Could you do me a favor?
Could you stay with me today? Could I reach out to you should I ever need? When the day gets tough and demanding and, even though I’ve survived worse, I don’t have the energy to push onward, could you carry me? When I lack the constitution to hold it all together, could you hold me down? When I don’t have a smile to put on, could you give me one? Could I borrow yours? When my boss doesn’t hear me and my coworkers can’t see me and my students don’t need me, could you keep me sane? Might you hold my hand, if only in our thoughts, and guide me back to the calm and joy you’ve always loved me for? 
Can you do me this favor?
— Yes, I can.
— Now that I know that you can, will you?
— I’ll be right with you the whole time.》
How blessed I am to be sleepless.

Before the alarm. Morning, heatwave.

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