Non Sequitur

We have a big problem –

big, big, big. I have complete

power. 1.6 billion to build

a wall. Nobody can build a wall

like me. Part of the beauty of me

is I’m very rich. It doesn’t matter

what the media write as long as you’re rich

and you’ve got a young and beautiful

piece of ass you can grab by the pussy.

Just locker room talk. Fake news. The truth is

we need the nukes. North Korea is bored,

nothing to fear. He didn’t do the shot.

I did the shot. Don Jr is innocent –

Ivanka is hot. I’d date her

if I wasn’t her dad. Sad! American might

is second to none. China should make

a move. Let Obamacare fail. My company

is extremely successful.

The Russians don’t meddle. Comey, Sessions,

and Mueller – all traitors. I have no mafia ties.

A media witch hunt. Extremely unfair. Investigate me?

You’re fired! I know the bad people. Believe me,

do I know bad people. I know a lot.

Nothing changes. The White House is functioning

perfectly. I guarantee you there’s no problem.

I guarantee.

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