How he showed up for Black women is an essential part of who he was as a civil rights leader

Malcolm X giving a speech at a rally.

“The most disrespected person in America is the Black woman. The most unprotected person in America is the Black woman. The most neglected person in America is the Black woman.”—Malcolm X

On May 22, 1962, Malcolm X delivered a speech in Los Angeles, California, in which he spoke to and…


You can still enjoy each other’s company, even from afar

A photo of woman receiving flowers / present in the mail and talking to lover over a video call.

“Social Distancing” is the way of the world and we are all adjusting to a new “normal,” however temporary we want and hope for it to be. The uncertainty is anxiety-inducing, to say the least, but the longer this lasts, the more we have to alter the ways we approach…


Go bags, photo documents, and saving text messages can help

A photo of a despondent black woman sitting by the window in the stairwell.

When Lorena Gallo met John Wayne Bobbitt in the late 1980s, she never imagined her world would come crashing down around her. After marrying him in 1989, John went on to spend the next four years terrorizing Lorena with physical beatings, sexual assault, and emotional abuse. An immigrant born in…


Radical self-love helps us know the difference between being in love and being loved

A closeup of a black woman smiling/laughing widely.

“Love is never any better than the lover.” — Toni Morrison

When writing about love, I often call on the words and concepts of those who have somehow been able to make love make sense. Even when the ideas and definitions contradict each other, some people have been able to…


Songs by these Black women will take any sensual session to another level

A photo of a black couple. He is playing keyboard and she kisses him on the cheek.

As we spend more of our time indoors, many of us are revisiting some of our favorite musical artists and songs. We’re watching intimate concerts and discography battles on Instagram, and we’re getting amazing live DJ sets on YouTube and Twitch. Music is not only becoming more essential to how…

It’s not easy, but involving your partner may lead to better intimacy

A photo of a sad woman with long hair looking out the window.

Being a survivor means something different for everyone. Some people don’t even use “survivor” to describe themselves, and that’s perfectly fine. I didn’t start using it until I became engaged in activism around it. I used to call myself a “victim” of sexual assault, and many others refer to themselves…


Women and femmes tell how they finally figured out what they really want in a relationship

A photo of a black couple making faces at each other.

WWhen I turned 40, I was as single as a dollar bill and was perfectly fine with it. I was intentional about not getting involved in any romantic situations because I was committed to healing and personal growth after having had another relationship end. After compromising and settling for less…

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