By Prachi Srivastava

Survey released by OECD’s (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) chief economist, Catherine L. Mann, on Wednesday 19th Oct 2016, revealed — Female entrepreneurship is increasing in India, especially in manufacturing, where women account for 40 % of the entrepreneurs!

This is all good news!

However, The Global Entrepreneurship and Development Institute (GEDI) released the Female Entrepreneurship Index (FEI) in 2015 in which it ranked India at 70th position out of 77 nations, with countries like Saudi Arabia and Egypt having better rankings.


Whichever study we choose to accept, there is no doubt about the fact…

By Sonia Motwani

“As soon as I was out of school I was expected to take care of my own expenses and encouraged to earn more, to be ambitious, to save and to fulfill my needs or luxuries.”

Nirali Ruparel was raised as an independent woman. A media graduate, Nirali worked with Times group for 4 years before she started Achilles’ Heel, an aspirational luxury brand for custom crafted men’s footwear. “I was working alongside a number of luxury and lifestyle brands, and I applied everything I learnt at college to see how they were adapting to the changing retail…

By Sinjini Sengupta

Co-education is not endorsed in majority of areas in India. Parents of the girl child prefer her studying in a girls school.

Every morning we’re hard hit with headlines screeching gender crimes, and I won’t even go into statistical figures there. Every morning, we’re also served morning tea in bed by the mother, the bahu, or the dewrani. Point is, academicians in contextual gender fields have a point when they argue that the previous two sentences you just read are not really distinct, irrelevant and erratic — they actually form parts of the same spectrum. The spectrum that cries out to us right since we’re born, that we are different. Boys and girls, the “us” and the “them”!


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