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Damn it, I just got here. And I do already have a site (still light on content but it’s getting there), but because of the nature of my work I was going to start using this place specifically for personal experiences stories that my customer’s might find too personal. Because so far I’d only come across articles like those you are praising on Medium.

Which is not remotely to argue with you, because I’ve been here less than a week, have only read a few articles, and there’s no reason to doubt a seasoned veteran on the shift in this place’s behavior.

I guess I’ll see if I can do what others have said, about using my blocks and follows to keep the marketing-jargon-heads at bay for now.

But I’m glad I got here in time to get linked to your site — and get to know the crows — you’re already in my RSS feed and social media circles. From one distracted napper to another, it’s nice to meet you.

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