Knowledge Panic
RafDouglas C. Tommasi

This didn’t really resolve my own feelings of knowledge panic, because mine has never been so broad as to cover literally everything, just the topics and passions which apply to me. I know I’ll never see every film or show I want to, read every book that interests me, read every article that applies to my interests or activism. But that so much of that is now available effectively forever has made it easier to reduce that anxiety.

I literally used to create schedules at the beginning of each TV season to make sure I wouldn’t miss anything of interest to me, or try to juggle RSS feeds with dozens of news sources I couldn’t possibly get through in a day. But now I’m far more relaxed about it, because I know it’s all still there to find later, if I don’t watch/read it now.

So oddly, the more there is now the less I’m bothered, because it all sits within reach at any time of day or night. Which was literally one of my dreams when I was a little kid, dependent on Encyclopedia Brittanica to teach me about the world. :)

But it was still a fun and interesting read.