Women have a responsibility not to form relationships with the type of men who will show up and…
Dan Mar

Yeah, right, because every person who’s ever been in an abusive relationship, could absolutely tell their partner was a sociopath, before they started that relationship. That’s SO the history of abusive relationships in human history, hell all of human history , that everyone can easily tell that the person who starts shooting from a clock tower, buries their family in the backyard or blows up a building, was a dangerous psycho before they ever did anything violent. It’s NEVER been the case that a person with violent and destructive tendencies is great at hiding those tendencies until they erupt. It’s NEVER been said by friends and family of a violent criminal, like rapists or murderers, that they just can’t believe it, because that person was always so normal and sane. Every person whose ever been the victim of violence, by a loved one, is absolutely to blame for their bad choices in who they associate with.

And if a special needs child dies along with you, because you didn’t know your husband was homicidal and might come to your workplace and “make trouble for your employer,” that’s your fault too.

Good frigging grief. Why don’t you just walk down to the nearest rape-counseling center and announce to each person in the waiting room, “You were asking for it.” It would be equally skeevy to this bevy of victim-blaming.

And equating an abusive relationship that ENDS IN FATALITIES, to the imaginary trope of women “liking bad boys” is about as juvenile and ignorant a comparison as I’ve ever seen. Choose your analogies with any common sense at all. Cause that one is full-on disgusting.

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