You Might Not Need Redux
Dan Abramov

You might not need redux when you use counters, but for me, Redux is extremely helpful to have testable client-server business logic. In my project, card game, I’m able to do this:

const [serverStore, {clientStore0, User0}] = mockStores(1);
const Room = serverStore.getState().get('rooms').first();
expect(serverStore.getState().get('rooms'), 'serverStore.rooms').equal(Map({[]: Room}));
expect(clientStore0.getState().get('room'), '').equal(;
expect(clientStore0.getState().get('rooms'), 'clientStore.rooms').equal(Map({[]: Room}));

So for 5 lines of code i tested that client can send request to create a room, server will handle it and client will get the room back. I can’t think how it could be done so pure and easy without Redux.

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