Articles, Talks, & Media

My work is spread over multiple outlets. I often write 10s of thousands of words a day, give talks, and answer interesting questions. Most of my work is under NDA — here you will find the parts that are not. This post provides a central location to find my articles, information about talks I have given, and my press clippings.

Beyond what is below, I am fairly prolific on Twitter on all kinds of topics, mostly related to security, privacy, surveillance, and broader human rights struggles. Opinions and comments are my own, obviously!

If you like what you see and want more, please feel free to contact F-Secure PR to arrange articles, interviews, and talks. Alternatively you can contact me directly on Twitter or LinkedIn.


6 Predictions for the Future of Consumer Cyber Security — explaining some general trends that I’m fairly confident on seeing continue during the next 5+ years.

Keep Calm And Use A Password Manager! — analysis and response to some interesting research on the security of password managers.

Everyone Can Use a Password Manager — Here’s How! — a step by step tutorial on how to start and continue using a password manager. It’s super easy and the single best thing most people can do to improve their online security.

All the Ways Facebook Can Track You — explanation of the 7 major categories of metadata available to Facebook. Illustrates just how powerful and invasive the surveillance economy has grown.

5 Common Sense Security and Privacy IoT Regulations — proposal for how to bring IoT security and privacy up to the level of consumer safety of other products.

Why Should I Care? — a short battle-cry, answering why we should all care about protecting everyone’s security and privacy.

No Security in a World Without Privacy — detailed look at why our fundamental human right to privacy is so critical to the protection of every other freedom. Also available in French: Pas de sécurité dans un monde sans vie privée.

Can the People on My Smart TV See Me? — a humorous look at Rockwell’s question “Can the people on TV see me, or am I just paranoid?” as a way to highlight how much intrusive surveillance is already in all our homes.

What Were the CryptoWars ? — a history of ordinary people using cryptography to protect their security and privacy, the very recent phenomenon of dominant nation states being able to try stop them, and ongoing the fight to protect our right to strong encryption.

The High Grounds of Mass Surveillance — a detailed look at 20 different ways that the Five Eyes states totally dominate the world in terms of their ability and willingness to do mass intrusive non-consensual surveillance on everyone worldwide.

9 Reasons Why I Hate Your App — explaining my approach to product design and development via a humorous look at 9 common mistake.


“Industrialization of Malware Analysis” — a 90 minute talk + 30 minute Q&A given in 2017 to cyber security students at the Paris EPITA University on malware history and the use of machine learning as an adjunct to help protect users. No video available, but there is a journalist’s write-up of the talk in French with photos.

“Applications of Kolmogorov Complexity” — a 10 minute talk given in 1999 to members of the mathematics and computer science department of Oxford University as part of my Masters in Computation. This is a fascinating area of information theory linked to randomness, cryptography, DNA analysis, and many other areas. No trace online, unfortunately.

Multiple 15–60 minute internal talks/seminars given as part of my work at F-Secure to telco partners on many subjects: basics of malware protection, password management, trends in security, IoT security, operational security, hacking, data analysis, surveillance, …


[Avis d’Expert] Le crypto-jacking vous mine ? Nos conseils pour protéger vos ressources — 7 page expert briefing document for companies on the subject of crypto-jacking, based on an interview.

4 faits surprenants sur les malwares — article by French tech new site Presse Citron based on my Industrialization of Malware Analysis talk.

Protéger tous vos appareils connectés à la maison d’un seul coup — I was interviewed in both English and French as part of a short piece on the consumer products show “On n’est pas des pigeons !” that airs on Belgian national TV channel RTBF, talking about security for consumer IoT.

Fennel Aurora Has Something to Hide — one of 30 interviews F-Secure did with selected fellows from across the business to celebrate 30 years in cyber security. The interview focuses on why I work in cyber security and why I consider it so important.

SFR Password: F-Secure mise sur les opérateurs — from the French version of the tech magazine ZDNet, about the launch of a password manager for SFR customers, F-Secure’s approach to operator partnership, and why password managers are so important.

Le minage de cryptomonnaies, nouvel eldorado des clouds français — for the French tech magazine Journal du Net, about blockchain, crypto-mining, and cloud computing.

セキュリティーとプライバシーに関する5つの常識的なIoT規制 — for the Japanese consumer magazine Takara Joho, translation of my 5 Common Sense Security and Privacy IoT Regulations article.