“Never Forget”

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Often times we spend our days concerning ourselves with what we don’t have: who made us upset, who disappointed us, what we didn’t get, what hasn’t worked out in our favor.

What if we took a bit of time, just a little, and thought about why we should be content. Now, contentment and complacency are not the same thing. Complacent means we’ve given up on our hopes and dreams. Contentment means we still have our desires, but we are ever grateful for what we have in the here and now.

So, here’s a little poem to help with perspective called “Never Forget”.

Never Forget

When your children misbehave and you wish they weren’t there,

never forget the barren woman who would give anything to have them.

When your spouse annoys you by just not being the person you hoped for,

never forget the widow(er) whose loved one now only lives in memories and distant dreams.

When your house becomes burdensome with needing repairs and mortgages paid and HOAs issuing fines,

never forget the family living under a bridge hoping you’ll be kind on your commute.

When your boss makes your blood boil with all of his demands and you just want to storm away from it all,

never forget the struggling graduate who somehow still doesn’t qualify for your position.

When you’re sitting at the salon complaining about how long your stylist is making you wait despite having an appointment,

never forget the warriors whose hair was taken by chemo.

Any time you are tempted to be dissatisfied with circumstances because they aren’t what you imagined life to be,

never forget that someone is praying for the problems that you already have.

Contentment breeds gratefulness in any situation.


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