“Ar scáth a chéile a mhaireann na daoine,” is an Irish saying that 
translates literally as “People live in each other’s shadows.” Meaning, 
we are shielded from the sun by each other, we rely on each other for 
shelter. People need each other. At the same time we don’t often admit or even like that we do. So we bury it with pointless pride and often vindictive actions towards one another to cover up the simple fact that we are all just big squishy creatures inside and really need each other. Now let’s Drift Off to the other Counterpoint to that situation which is not needing anybody or anything to get you through one would think that if we really do need each other than why do we have such a vindictive nature and also a drive to not to appear weak and now eyes were fellow man it very well could be a survival technique that we as humans once had that somehow and float away with time and then we’re just left with the nasty aftermath. And nasty indeed it is how many times have you been stuck in the situation that you could not get on your own and the simplest and easiest way was just a simply ask for help nope you did refuse to ask for help and you kept plugging away at it actually simultaneously making the problem worse when that other person could have alleviated the situation. It is definitely mind-boggling The Human Condition when it comes to something like that, now i dont aim to or expect to give any assumptions here, I’m I’m not going to try to claim any actual factual type of answers here either, as I’m sure people a hell of a lot smarter than yours truely have posited this question more times than i would care to count. really this is just a thought I had that I had to put down on paper after pondering that lovely little Irish quote up top. now I must confess that I’ve known about this particular gem of a quote for a very very long time and it has been a favorite of mine if you will. Oddly it wasn’t until this very moment that the quote resonated with me. Which spawned as you can see this distorted 2 a.m. ramble…*chuckle* well there’s no fun in being normal anyways, hope you enjoyed.

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