Well Well, i would like to introduce the makings of hopefully a long running and intruiging series. Happy Readings

Shadow Guide
Chapter One: Intrinsic Happy Hour

The thrum of the electronic beats and flashing lights, the way the crowd undulated and seemed to move as one cohesive entity on the dance floor, it was all so intoxicating and addicting to Jimmy Harting. The new and mysterious club that opened up out of the blue one day was not normally jimmy’s usual scenes, but ever since his father had died he has had almost, what would seem like to most, as a total flip of his norms and paragatives. He had started hanging out late and going out and ending up in far off places, and meeting people that seemed to be just as far off as the locations he would meet them in. Jimmy of course was not sure if it was his own drug fueled mind creating the far off places and people, but non the less he felt open and free on a level he had never felt before. Although his fathers death was a crushing blow to his sense of self and reality, it also had spawned a more determined jimmy, one that was driven to have a new and exciting experience with life. Thats what had lead jimmy to this brand new night club that opened up in a older part of the town that once was the center for tech manufacture, seemingly out of the blue with no advertising or promoting. With a simple name like The Apex, jimmy imagined it would be a standard EDM/Rave type of club. It was 3 months after his father had passed away from cancer, that he started to notice a lot of buzz about a new club call The Apex in one of his chat group/forums that he often lurked around on. After a lot of posts describing the club and the amazing times people had there finally someone had posted a link to the clubs website. Upon clicking the link, it took jimmy’s browser to a black and red webpage adorned with, what looked like to jimmy, celtic crosses and other indistinguishable insignias.

 To as softly strumming guitar, what appeared to look like lyrics slowly begain to appear on screen that read “ Hello Mountain, Remember Me, Child Of Your Womb, I Return From A Perilous Place, To The Warmth Of Your Hollow, Embrace Me Steady Giant, Monolith. Lend me your heart, I am weakened again tired mend my scars” As the lyrics were appearing on screen in the background another image started to appear, at first all that was distinguishable was two red dots that slowly started to form into what looked like eyes. Not human eyes jimmy thought, but as they faded in they looked like….no in fact were lupine eyes. After the eyes had formed, the large black body of the wolf started to appear, in an whispy smoke like way , once the body was formed, it glitched and sparked into exsistence again with the words “Can you Follow Me, Follow Me To Apex?” The words functioned as a entrance of sorts, which led to the usual snapshots and promotional material of any nightclubs website, but non the less jimmy’s interest was peaked, and as he sat looking at himself in the mirror, a medium sized man with dirty blonde slightly messy hair, decently groomed beard that was colored similarly, and green eyes that always looked like he was off somewhere else was staring back at him. “I looks somewhat decent for 28” he thought as he chuckled to himself, he looked at his clock and noticed the time was officially midnight, the clubs designated opening time, took a deep breath and headed out to this new mysterious club.

The whole cab ride there that first night, jimmy was a mix between excitement and doubt, as showing up to a nightclub, let alone one completely by himself was a new venture for him in and of it self, but something about the clubs website made jimmy feel a little uncertain about it...the wolfs piercing red eyes...almost haunting and to think that it was used as a logo for a clubs website...trippy.

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