The Circle of Product Management

At the beginning there was a triangle

I talked about product design on our orientation day. I knew that there will be engineers, UX guys and Product Managers will attend on this event. I wanted to give a good overview about product design and the Spotify method we use.
When I was thinking about the overview part of it, Daniel Schmidt’s post poped into my mind. I read his post about “A Map of White Space for Product Managers” (detailed version of this post). I really liked his abstraction about Product Managers. Among other, it also shows the teamwork aspect of it and that everybody has influence of the design of the product — so everybody is a designer :)
This picture grabbed my attention and got into my head so I used it in my presentation and expanded it.

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Instead of zooming in, I wanted to zoom out a little bit…

And it became a circle

I added a new layer to it to show what skills I think are important for all those people who are around the product. It fits to our company values, and I think these are really important to build a great product together.

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And what sort of experience can a writer have if she doesn’t feel passion? It’d be like a chef without an appetite.
Haruki Murakami

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— Is this the best picture to demonstrate Judgement? — Probably not.

I could have spent more time to find the best picture or quote to determine the importance of judgement in a catchy way. Maybe there are too many twists to demonstrate judgement with this picture, but I DECIDED that this is enough for a blog post.

— Is this the best picture to demonstrate Judgement? — Maybe ;)

If you think you’re too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito in the room.
Anita Roddick

You are good in what you do, you love what you do, but you need to have influence on the product and the people you work with.

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I think this is the glue for the three skills above. Without this, none of them works in a team of product development.

One more thing…

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Be open-minded

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