One thing that irritates me more than anything is the expectation people have to other people’s time, specifically open source project maintainers. They are not your tech support. They built a product you are using for free. You’re welcome.
The Sad State of Entitled Web Developers
Una Kravets

Oh hell yes this. I co-host a Python podcast, and several times now we’ve had guests who build AWESOME things say they have no idea who’s using them or what they’re being used FOR, because people don’t even take the time to say thank you. This is a shame. At *least* take a moment to drop the people whose software you use a nice email saying “Hey, thanks, this thing is awesome” and maybe let them know what other cool things you’re building with it. If everyone did this it would help overburdened maintainers understand that their work is appreciated and moreover that THEY are appreciated for donating their blood sweat and tears to the world.