Not wanted

My body, mind and self esteem has changed and I don’t know what to do. I’ve been wondering if he feels the same towards me or has his emotions changed too. I confronted him about it today and I asked him for the truth. He says nothing has changed so then why does it feel like it has. Why does it feel like he forces himself to love me and to touch me. Why does it feel that he doesn’t want me! Is it me or is it him? I’m so confused and tired of going in circles trying to figure out whats wrong.


Is it just me who is overthinking all of this? Am I just not in love with myself and find everyone judging me for the way that I look.

I begged him to tell to just tell me he Isn’t interested in me and that he doesn’t find me attractive. I told him to just tell me that so I can be “ok” and honestly between you and me I just wanted to hear that so I can hate myself even more.

The harsh truth is that I will never be wanted.

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