A Cold War Atmosphere

The Russian Federation boil with repressed anger, the US pat themselves on the back. Their resolution finally passed, despite heated controversy. It will put in place the communication of technology between indigenous peoples and developed nations, focusing on green energy production, fueled by plant matter.

During the debate, our responsibility toward indigenous peoples was deeply questioned. Russia, who apparently does not recognize their own, asked themselves why it should be their role to share their technologies with them. The delegation of the United States swiftly reminded them that first peoples are, as their name implies, where there first, and our own current civilisations are infringing on their land. This did not suffice to calm the Russian delegation ; and the debate focused on these two powers. After several vain attempts by Russia to destabilise their adversary, the USA came back to their accusations of exploitation which hovered over several delegations present, shutting down the debate.

Victory was swiftly savoured, and the resolution of Senegal is presented. Different themes are considered, but the respect for indigenous peoples remains. This time again the Russians poison the debate. However, their attitude is appreciated, as without them there would be no debate.