A relaxed atmosphere in UNCSW for the last day

The last few hours within the committee for the Status of Women are spent hard at work : the speeches are passionate, questions are flying… But overall the atmosphere remains relaxed : Iran’s statement, opposing the resolution on women’s access to education, spread laughter throughout the assembly. Indeed, Iran, committed to their role, defended iranian women’s “choice” of staying at home, and replies to the indignant points of information with a humorous touch. No one managed to keep a straight face when the iranian delegate, in response to the american delegation, read out president-elect Donald Trump’s tweets, to justify their amusement vis-à-vis the USA’s delegates’ proposition for gender equality.

Shortly after, while reading out superlatives, we discovered that the committee choice for future dictator is none other than the Vatican’s delegate. Her vehement interventions and quick fire rhetoric, as well as her extreme preparation, made her stand out among her colleagues. The laid back atmosphere in the room is well deserved : the debates led to five high quality resolutions.


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