WIPO 2 : Two Chairs, One Vision

At WIPO 2, the presidency isn’t exclusively from Ferney ; of the three, one is Rwandan. This unique trait is all the more important as this is the first time FerMUN has hosted a Rwandan school.

The Ferneysian may have attended over 5 conferences, taken on the roles of admin, delegate, chair ; he dreams not of politics and the UN. He sees his future in sciences and engineering. The second chair is only on his first international model united nations, he hasn’t the same training for presidency as his co-chair, but he shares the same dream ; sciences and engineering.

The similarities don’t end there. When asked “why do you take part in these MUNs?”, they answer as citizens. The MUNs aren’t a career choice, nor a choice for their future, but a way to become invested in politics. This area no longer appears like a shadowy game but as a door that every citizen can and must open. By know, you’ll have understood that they chair the committee on indigenous peoples’ rights. We must not forget the equally capable third chair, Maria, who has perform flawlessly as a chair.